Wellness Activities


The list below highlights some of the projects that the Wellness Committee is focusing on to build community, mitigate distress, and make accessible resources that contribute to the wellness of our residents. Thus, we hope to build resilience and reserve for all our residents as we go through this challenging phase of training.

Active Needs Assessment:  Identify issues in resident wellness with an emphasis on giving voice to as many residents as possible

  • Needs Assessment Committee to touch base with every resident in the program once annually.
  • Collaboration with the Big Sibs Program for needs assessment

Physical Wellness:  Organizing physical activities to improve fitness and fostering social interaction

  • rock climbing outings
  • AT challenge
  • weekly yoga taught by Fresh Yoga teach Amy Silletti
  • ice skating
  • gym subsidies

Health:  Residents put the health of everyone else before their own, so it's important to help them take care of themselves as well

  • creating an accessible list of local doctors and dentists and make existing ones more accessible
  • providing good nutritious food to overnight residents at all campuses

Spiritual Wellness:  Spiritual well being offers resiliency to deal with difficult periods

  • Continue improving the quality of resident reflection rounds
  • Create an accessible list of religious groups for new residents joining the Yale/New Haven Community
  • Healer's art for residents
  • Meditation sessions

Social Interactions:  Many residents, particularly preliminary residents, feel isolated and somewhat hesitant to organize get-togethers independently

  • Brunch Club
  • Help organize Intern Retreat
  • "Whine and Cheese" evening
  • Night at the museum
  • Arts Night

Meaningful Service:  Finding meaning within and without medicine is important to stave off burnout

  • Organize groups for road races can also raise money for charities
  • Mentorship programs for community youth
  • Student-run HAVEN clinic
  • Local health screenings
  • Healthy cooking lessons for the community

A night out at Ingalls Rink

Residents get together for a night out at Ingalls Rink to watch a Yale hockey game.  Ingalls Rink is located on Yale University's central campus in New Haven and is commonly referred to as "The Whale" due to it's whale-like design and was built between 1953 and 1958 by architect Eero Saarinen.